My First Triathlon

My first Triathlon was defiantly a learning experience but a fun one. I decided to join the group of girls I had been training with and go the Louisville Sprint which is 750 meter swim, 20k bike and 5k run. Now before we went up there I had been swimming in the pool but only been in the lake once. For any of you who know what that first time in the lake is like then you will know that wow… I should of swim in the lake a few more times before heading to Louisville and swimming 750 meter swim in the Ohio River. Luckily it was wet-suit legal so I knew I wouldn’t drawn however the wet-suite is another battle of its own especially if you are not use to it.

We get up to the lake and we are all getting ready for race to begin and our age groups to start. I am a nervous wreck because it is my first race and I have not completed a full swim in the lake doing freestyle. My age group gets in the water and we can touch the bottom… talk about YUCK! Boom… off we start. I have my goggles on and I am ready to go and I take off with the group, I put my face in the water and take one maybe two strokes and realize nope this is not going to happen. I can feel my heart rate rising so I start to breast stroke. The lady next to me I can hear her freaking out and breathing hard, next thing I know she is unzipping her wet-suite to catch her breath. I realize I am not the only one who was not ready for the lake swim. Needless to say that was the longest swim of my life… so it seemed. I breaststroke and back stroked the whole way. I finished third to last in my age group to get out of that water. Thanks goodness for my wet-suite.

Next comes the bike and I had not yet been on the road on my bike (I know I am a real smart one). I also did not have shoes to clip in yet because that freaked me out and I also had not learned how to get my water bottle out while riding and not wreck. Therefore that means I would bike the 20k without grabbing my water or having my feet strapped in. That is okay though…. that is how I felt the safest. The biking was a lot of fun and everyone I passed I felt the urge to say, “you are doing great”. Something about being in this setting made me want to cheer everyone on. Then it came time for me to get off, and I had not done any bricks leading up to this. What is a brick you ask? A brick is where you ride your bike then follow it by a run to help train your legs to get use to bike then run format. As soon as I got off the bike I went straight to my knees… I couldn’t help but laugh.

Now comes the run… the one thing I assumed I would be good at. Getting your legs to work after a bike ride takes just a little bit of time but I finally got my legs a going. Luckily it was only 3 miles which is not to terrible bad. During the run I really had to pee and really wanted to be a true triathlete and thought to myself… just pee on your self Kayla and then you can welcome yourself into this crazy sport as real triathlete. Turns out peeing while running is a lot harder then I thought so it was not going to happen that day. I ended up finishing in 10th and completed my first sprint triathlon in 1:32.

I learned a lot from this event and the one thing I learned the most was you will never know what you can do until you go for it.

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